Product world



Regularly manufacturers from all over the world offer us new products. Of course, we also search actively for new business opportunities and continuously track trends and innovations. To do so, we frequently visit the largest and most important trade fairs.


At first, we evaluate promising products with respect to their pricing. If the price seems right and competitive, we test the utility value of the products and check the relevant statutory provisions. If necessary, we will communicate any required changes to the manufacturers. However, we do not make any compromises when it comes to highest quality and a favourable price/performance ratio. This elaborate pre-selection helps us to ensure an excellent and competitive portfolio which is strong in terms of revenue for our customers and us.


Our product range comprises products from many different areas such as health and well-being, including foot health, beauty and body care, but also pillows and bedding. Other categories complementing our product line, are household, cleaning and garden, car and travel, office and orderliness, gifts and accessories, furniture and small furniture items. With us, you will find an impressive selection of high-quality items for many different occasions – from beautifully designed decorative goods to therapeutic products.


Specialized areas such as the full range of JB Weld products, a renowned US company, complete our choice of goods.