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Our motto "Always an idea ahead" puts in a nutshell what distinguishes us from other wholesale companies. We offer our customers an exceptionally wide range of services, extending far beyond the spectre of most commercial enterprises. We provide a wide product choice, combining highest quality with fair pricing and unique selling propositions.

Worldwide, we source new products and deliver them safely to you. Every product search is carried out with experience, knowledge and care. We always stay up-to-date on current trends and provide professional advice. While doing so, we keep track of your individual needs.

Every product delivered by us comes free with an accurate, helpful text and high-resolution image material – completely free for your use. Upon request we also provide you with complete, ready-to-use printable catalogue pages according to your specific demands. Furthermore, we also fulfil every packaging and labeling wish as well as create article instructions for use in all required languages. It goes without saying that regular quality checks take place – right up to the last minute.

We support social justice and fair working conditions in our global production sites with the help of the BSCI, of which we are a member.


Our efficient warehousing and the proximity to the A30 motorway allow us to comply with extremely short delivery times and to provide optimum logistics solutions, including drop shipment to your customers (Germany). Our warehouse is located on the grounds of Bentheim Railway at the Grafschafter Logistics Centre (GLZ) and has a storage capacity of 1,200 pallets. Our permanent staff of nine is supported by additional seasonal workers, together realizing the reliable and timely delivery of more than 1 million items per year.
You can also order large quantities directly from the manufacturing facilities of our partner company Shendong Products Ltd. – without detour via our warehouse.